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Monday, October 19, 2009

Beauty on a Budget

I can't speak for everyone else, but I know in my own experience that things I once took great pride in I have, since having children, let fall by the wayside.  One thing in particular was makeup.  Now, I know that makeup is not everyone's "thing" but I think we can all admit that when we get the chance to take a little extra time on ourselves, we automatically feel better about ourselves, life in general and our overall mood seems to improve.

It's still a challenge to try to make time every day to put makeup on, but I try to do so whenever possible.  For me, it helps me to feel a little more "me" in a world full of "mommy". 

Another challenge shows up when I finally get the time to peruse the makeup aisles at my local Ulta, CVS or other drugstore.  It adds up FAST.  Why should we be expected to pay out the nose to look pretty?

Well, I found some GOOD quality products for super cheap at Sally Beauty Supply.  If you have one nearby, check out the "Sally Girl" line.  This line carries a huge number of eye shadow colors, lipsticks, lip glosses, eye liners, mascaras, and nail polishes.  The eye shadows are a really good size while all the rest are fairly tiny, but get this...EVERYTHING is $0.99.  Really unless you are one who reapplies gloss many, many times a day, it is totally worth it to buy the smaller sizes. 

If you don't have a Sally's nearby, CVS, Walgreens and Wal-Mart are all great places to find steals on quality makeup. 

(Just as a side note, CVS will run GREAT specials on B.O.G.O.'s, sales, etc., so be sure to check the ads!)

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  1. Here's a website I use,
    They have tons of items for about a $1, and they have tons of coupons out all the time. A lot of times you can even get free shipping. I've bought with them and haven't had a problem.


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