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Monday, October 19, 2009

Cooking day progress

My morning went something like this:
I gave the wee-one a drink at 5 a.m. and decided to check my e-mail. By 6, I was in the kitchen cooking. It's now 1:30 and all is done but the last of the clean-up!! I would still like to bake (muffins and an apple desert) this afternoon, but I have homework to do, so maybe, maybe not!

I had the meatloaf in the oven at 6!!

And out by 7!!

I used brown rice with the Porcupine meatballs (I used cream of mushroom soup instead of tomato sauce - we like the "gravy" better!) I LOVE my scoops - what a time-saver!!

I was going to freeze them in the foil pans - but forgot how much they "shrink" as they cook, so I transferred them over to a Tuppperware container instead. Wee-one had a whole one for lunch!

And last are the stuffed green peppers, "tasty hotdish" and "raw potato hotdish"

I love having all of these in the freezer - they are ready to cook at a moments notice. I cover the pans with foil and write the name of the item, date, temperature and time to cook right on the top with a marker. The peppers get put in zipper baggies - the kids don't care for them, so they make a good meal for hubby and I take with us to work or school.

Just a reminder - yes, these aren't high in nutritional value, but they aren't meant to be the only thing to eat! We pair these meals with salads, fruits and veggies - this is only one dish!! :)

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