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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hamburger Helper

Makes a quick meal. Did you know that they are also making them a little healthier? And, as a friend of mine just realized, they don't taste like they used to, most of them are pretty good - and still better (and cheaper!) than a burger and fries through the drive-thru!

Ground beef (or venison) has always been plentiful at our house - so I know how to use it! (be afraid, be VERY afraid!!) I'm planning on posting about a bulk/batch cooking day with ground meat early next week (with pictures), if all goes well. I'll also include some of my "homemade hamburger helper recipes."

But let me first tell you about hamburger helper. It's easy, it's quick and it makes a good standby on the shelf if you run into a night so booked that you don't have time to do anything else. There are coupons out for them lately too, making them cheaper - I've seen ads for them being $1 a box (for the name-brand) - so not too bad.

As usual though - let's make it stretch. When it was just my hubby and I, he used to make lunch and bring it to the girls and I at work. One day when he brought hamburger helper, my boss says, "wow, that's a lot of meat!" Hmmm, yeah, wasn't even trying to stretch the meal then - we package our ground meat in 2 pound packs and have always used the whole package! So that's the first tip, throw in some extra meat. The second tip works well and doesn't alter the flavor much either: boil some extra noodles and throw them in towards the end.

Adding both the extra meat and noodles to one box makes this meal stretch to feed our family of seven -sometimes with leftovers! Of course, we like to add a side-salad or raw carrots or apples with dip too -making it a little more healthy.

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