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Monday, October 12, 2009

It might seem a little wierd...

If your refrigerator is a "normal" one (ok, not of the stainless steel or "cupboard" variety) chances are, you can use dry erase markers on them. Why, may you ask, is Jess throwing that tidbit out there?

Well, first of all, anyone with kids knows that dry erase markers (pared with a sock over their other hand to erase with) can be a whole lotta fun!

Second, you can "draw your own calender" to keep track of appts, events, etc.

Third, it works really well for kid's meds. For instance....Little Fred needs Zithromax 2 times a day for the first two days and one time a day for the next 3. I write down day one (under which I place two check marks as I give the meds, I erase the check marks) and so on and so forth.

Speaking of kids' meds, there seem to be more and more meds that are given that you DON'T finish the whole bottle. For an extra reminder, I will write the "stop date" on the bottle.

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