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Friday, October 23, 2009

Keep the kids happy

Let's face it.  Kids love noisy toys.  Ask any mom out there and they will confirm it as fact.  Why not take some control over the noise level and save money at the same time by making some of your own "noise-maker toys"?

I've made a few for my DS and he has loved them from the time he could barely shake a toy all the way up to now.  In fact, they are some of his favorites!

Simply take any hand-sized container (baby food containers, M&M's Mini's containers are our personal favorite, etc.) and fill them with an array of goodies.  Some of the best things I've found are dried beans, rice, pennies and paperclips.  Each item has its own distinct sound and is cheap and easy to find.  As a safety measure, you can add superglue around the lip of the container before replacing the lid, that way when your LO figures out how to OPEN containers you don't have to worry about choking.

Try it!

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