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Monday, October 12, 2009

Lose the Jet Dry - Try Vinegar!!!

In my search to be a little "greener" (oh yeah, and LOTS cheaper!! LOL) I have found MANY uses for vinegar. Some make me wonder (to the effect of: who in their right mind would think of THAT?) but some I am trying.

Here's one that works(I've tried AND approved it!! LOL):

When you run out of Jet Dry for your dishwasher, use vinegar! It works just as well - I have NO spotty dishes (and I've been using this for over a month now!) and the cost is WAY cheaper than Jet Dry. I know I was spending about $3-$4 every month or two for Jet Dry and a QUART of vinegar is less than a dollar and goes at least twice as far!

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