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Monday, October 19, 2009


First, let me tell you one of the main things: Prep, prep, PREP!! Have your area ready the night before, have ingredients out (nothing sours your mood quicker than going into the cupboard for a can of this - or that spice and have it not be there!), have work area clean and ready to go. I also like to clean-as-I-go....this seems to help with cutting down on the mess.

Here's what I prepped last night:

These are peppers and tomatoes ready to be washed:

These are the fresh cranberries, washed and chopped for muffins.

These are the fresh apples, still not sure what to do with them....

These are the mildly hot peppers, garlic and red onion from the farmer's market....look at the size of that onion!! I used the whole thing for salsa and all of my meals I made today! We have one more just like it and two white ones - ah, the deals!

So, get it all ready, lay it out the night before and when you get up the next morning, you're ready to go!!

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