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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Ah, can you tell it's winter in Wisconsin? So many posts about jammies lately! I guess that keeping my kiddos warm is a top priority! :)

First of all, a good friend told me that one of her Christmas traditions is to buy new jammies for her kiddos and give them to them on Christmas Eve. Since she shared this with me, we have been doing the same. I look for special christmas jammies AFTER christmas on clearance and guess at next years sizes - this year's jammies for the girls were less than $2 per pair! YAY!!

It's harder to find jammies for "older" boys though, so instead of Christmas-themed ones, he gets "regular" ones. The kids usually stay in their jammies all day on Christmas day - it's a family ONLY day in our house! Unless we go to visit a grandma, we go nowhere! But even grandma likes to see the jammies!

What to do with the jammies that got handed down from kid to kid and have no feet in them? Slippers (as mentioned here) are a good option, but I have a few other ideas!

Make sure that the bottoms are cut straight. Turn jammies inside out. Put in a sock that fits kiddo now (right sides together, make sure toe is to the front of jammies). Sew or surge sock onto jammies - presto - jammies have "feet" in the now.

Another option: sew a few inches of ribbing (you know, the stretchy stuff at the wrist of your sweatshirts....this is available at fabric stores) to the bottom of the jammies and now they have a more finished look, plus they'll fit a little longer since you "lengthened" them in the process!

Oh, and since we were just talking of socks - does your poor kiddo slip and slide in their socks on your (hardwood, especially!) floors? Here's an easy solution: buy some "puff paint" (available in the craft dept) and go wild on the bottom of their socks! This is guaranteed to stop the slipping!!

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