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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Organic Meats

Lately all of the "food hype" is about buying organic - well, my family has been doing THAT for years - we are of the farmer-variety and of course, that means butchering and processing your own animals. Not only does this literally save TONS of money, but it also allows us to eat more frugally.

It's currently nearing the end of hunting season in WI. This not only means fresh venison, but it's also time to butcher pigs. We bought our pig (I guess they go about 250 pounds this year) for the low price of ..... $125! For the whole pig! We have roasts and chops and ribs - not to mention the hams and bacon (which we will pay another $40-$50 to have smoked and cured). WOW - lots of meat!!

One thing that I love to do with the roasts, venison steak, stew meat, etc is to "prep" them right away. I don't get them wrapped - instead I bring them home, put them in a large zippered baggie and add all of my seasonings (sometimes this is simply a jar of marinade or BBQ sauce, sometimes it is a packet of seasoning with the required liquid added and sometimes it is a combination of my own making: cream soup, onions, garlic, parsley, etc). Then I label the bag and pop it in the freezer. This provides my family with an awesome main course - and provides me the peace of mind of knowing that they are eating well while I am off at school - or gives me a quick go-to meal when I'm too busy to think of making supper!

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