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Friday, November 20, 2009

Sew your online patterns

Why pay for patterns when you can find them FREE online?

There is a plethora of patterns available with just a little searching!

I've made these aprons for my girls - they are sooo easy and the design is fantastic!!

I've also made these cloth shoes - the "name-brand" ones are over $20 per pair - even the "cheap" ones are $12.99/per....I made them in less than hour for less than $5 - and that was with expensive suede! I LOVE these shoes because they allow the child to feel as though they are barefoot (which is the easiest way for kids to learn to walk) but provide warmth and protection! My newest nephew (arriving in just a few weeks) will be getting a few pairs of these - camouflage maybe?!

Oh, and do you like the "snuggies?" How about this pattern?!!

If you can sew - there is a WORLD of free, online patterns - I've even found free dog clothes patterns!!

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