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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bath-time with toddlers

What is more fun (well, for the kids anyways) than bathtime? Most kids LOVE to hang out in the bathtub and have lots of fun.

Here are some tips:

~buy a plastic step stool to use as a "table" in the bathtub - the kids can now have tea-parties or just play with their toys and YOU don't have to worry about them trying to balance their cups on the side of the tub!

~the best "tub toys" are from your kitchen or play area: cups, bowls, spoons, measuring cups, tea party sets, etc.

~use a large planter (with the hole for water to drain away at the base) to put toys in after the bath (I like this better than the toy "nets" for the tubs)

~use old squeeze bottles of shampoo or conditioner for toys (washed thoroughly) - if you dare! We sometimes leave the kids play with them, but usually save them for the summer time for "mega-squirt bottles."

Words of warning:

~NEVER use glass in the tub

~NEVER leave the room with a toddler in the tub, don't even turn around to grab something off the counter

~check toys frequently for signs of mold (yes this sounds funny, but if you've ever had girls that take barbie dolls in the tub, you know what I mean) and throw away. Anything that is allowed standing water (think: squeeze toys) could breed mold.

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