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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Clean as you go....

I think that one of my biggest complaints about being a wife and mom is that my family has NOT embraced this method!

When tackling a difficult room (or even area) to clean - here are a few simple tips:

~have boxes, baskets or just an "area" to put things that are NOT staying in the room. If you do this, you will not be running to other rooms in the house and thus get distracted.

~start in one area and complete it before moving onto another area. This sounds simple, but it's so tempting to (for example: hang a shirt and while I'm there, I'll just pick up these pants...). If you stick with the one area, you will see more progress, feel more accomplished and be feel more encouraged to continue onward with the cleaning.

~vacuum - even if only part of the room is done - vacuum the part that you DO have done - again, it makes you feel more accomplished.

~take your box of supplies with you to the room - with EVERYTHING you will need - if you need furniture cleaner, rags, glass cleaner, etc - also make sure they are all full!

~have your bags or boxes with you for keep, throw away and donate - don't forget Freecycle!

~I personally like to keep a tote around for saving things - put it away with the contents and date on - if you haven's opened the tote in a year to get out any of the contents, you can get rid of it!

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