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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bills, Bills, Bills

We all hate the word, I know, but we also know it's a real part of life and something we ALL have to deal with.

I will admit to being the world's WORST about losing track of days and dates in general, but more specifically due dates on bills. 

Suggestion #1: Create a google calendar.  It does require that you sign up for a google email account, but you never have to use it for email (and google email is fantastic about not having a lot of spam).  Also, if you have a account, the login for your account (provided that you only have a user name and password and are not using a different email address to log in with) is also the log in for your gmail account.  This calendar feature will allow you to color code calendars so that you can plug in not only due dates for bills, but also organize your life and even assign a color to each member of your family.  Under the details on the calendar, you can set up to have an email reminder, pop up, or text message sent to remind you of each event, or if you have a Bl@ckberry, there is an application that you can download to sync the google calendar with your calendar on your phone.  I'm sure that there are apps like this for other phones, but I've not looked into it in much depth.

Suggestion #2: Check with your bank and see if there is a way to set up bill payment online.  Many banks offer this service free or for a very minimal cost each month and you are able to automatically pay your bills worry free.  Since you never see the money, you never have to worry about spending it!  Another alternative in this same vein would be to set up automatic payments with as many places as you can.  Most places will let you pick the date, so you can position them to happen on or very near pay days.

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