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Monday, March 15, 2010

MORE dishwasher secrets!

Did you miss our first "dishwasher secrets?" Click here to take a look!

Here are a couple more that I forgot!

~save electricity and turn off your "heated dry" cycle - let the dishes air dry - oh, and possibly save your dishes too (any that may fall onto the heating element, that is!)

~for super hot washes, run the hot water closest to the dishwasher right before starting it!

~ever "forget" to turn off the heated dry cycle and end up with your whole load smelling like burnt plastic? Run the load again, with about a half of a cup of vinegar.

~don't forget - vinegar instead of rinse aid!

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  1. Great tips! Our dishwasher is broken though so it is all by hand for me. :(

  2. I have made that 'smells like plastic' mistake too many times. I'll definitely have to remember your vinegar trick! Thanks!

  3. vinegar instead of rinse aid - great tip! I'm almost out of the free cascade from the home mailers awhile back!


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