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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Make Your Own Hair Bows (And Maybe Even A Bowtie!)

If you have little girls, chances are you adore seeing a brightly colored bow in her hair.  (She may hate it and it may not stay in long, but they are so darn cute, we just have to try right?)  Where it gets sticky is that many times the bows most in demand are handmade and therefore much more expensive to purchase.  So...eliminate the middle man and make them yourself!  My GREAT friend, Christina gets the credit on this one.  We were talking on Facebook this past Thursday and discussing the bows she was planning to make for her sweet little girl.  She sent me to "Girly Things - Making Ribbons, Bows, and Other Pretties" and there are step by step instructions on how to make those adorable little bows for your girls.  She suggested hitting up fabric and craft stores on a regular basis and checking for clearance priced rolls of ribbon or even the scrap amount left from the fabric departments at the craft stores.  Many times you can get these for next to nothing!  Another thing to note is that the easiest kind of ribbon to use is grosgrain.  Since I do not have a little girl yet, I plan to try my hand at turning some of these cute crafts into bowties for my little boy.  I'll be sure to post pictures of any adapting I do to them if they work out so you can try it too.

A HUGE thank you to Christina for sharing this site with us!

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