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Monday, April 19, 2010

Need more washrags??

Up-cycle, re-recycle, grandma would have called it "use what you've got!!"

We go through LOTS of washrags in our house - they get used for dishes, counters, tables, spills, as blankies for baby dolls, to keep hands warm while holding ice pops.....yeah, LOTS of washrags get used!

When my hand towel start to show sign of wear:

I put them on my sewing pile - cut them in quarters and surge the edges.

Instant washrags - perfect size - no waste:

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  1. That's a great way to recycle. I like to cut up old t-shirts because they work great for cleaning up smaller messes or wiping messy faces. They also don't streak when cleaning windows and they don't fray!
    It's so much fun to find out how much use you can get out of something before it finally has to be tossed!

  2. I do this and also cut my bath towels down to dish towels when they show signs of wear

  3. Gosh! All this time I just kept using my old towels! Looks like I have some shopping and a weekend project coming up... Thank you.... Stopping by from Homemaker Moday.


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