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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beach Bag

We love to take the kids to the beach - here's our list of what we like to pack:

  • Beach toys - lots of them - shovels, pails, frisbees, balls, noodles, kickboards
  • goggles and snorkles
  • towels and beach blankets
  • old sheets....these work well as tablecloths for a picnic!
  • sunscreen
  • camera!!! 
  • hats, sunglasses
  • dry clothes
  • umbrella and chairs
  • lots of water and fruit drinks
  • snacks
  • we like to take a small tupperware bowl with a lid on it and put damp washrags in it for clean-ups - or baby wipes would work too
  • baby powder....shake this anywhere where sand is sticking and it will fall away like magic!
  • pillows and blankets (why? Because the kids will fall asleep on the way home!!)
Oh, and let me tell share what my dermatologist told me today: use Target's brand 30 SPF sunscreen. It is creamy, moisturizing and stays on the best when in and out of the water. She is so impressed with it that she says that no other moisturizing for the day is necessary!!

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