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Friday, July 23, 2010

Get the grease out!!

Okay, really, who wants to eat grease? I know I certainly don't. A dear friend came to my house one day and commented on my half full pickle jar of old grease that was sitting in the middle of my stove. I'd never thought anything of it, but when you are going to eat at someone's house and see something like that sitting out, it isn't very appetizing. Her solution? Save an old spaghetti sauce can (or other large tin can) so that after draining. It can be immediately put into the freezer. This eliminates 3 things. 1) A burn hazard - until grease cools completely it is extremely hot and therefore a burn hazard to any around it. 2) An eyesore. The disposed grease is now nicely hidden in the freezer and is no longer out to gross you - or others out. 3) Trash - this gives us a chance to reduce, reuse and recycle a can that would otherwise have gone to our local dump.
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  1. Our "church ladies" take used fat/lard and render it and then turn it into soap - talk about recycling! :)


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