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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Traditions on vacations

One thing our kiddos love are our summer "daycations." We have a few must-do vacation spots every year that we go to - but only for the day (hence, DAYcation!).

Not only do the kiddo's thrive on the experience of going to the same spot every year and see what they have changed, what is new and of course, their old favorites, but there are also certain "traditions" that we must keep.

Yesterday we took one of our trips "up north." We leave early in the morning and get to Paul Bunyans Cook Shanty by 10 a.m. We have a granola bar (or two) on the way up, but save ourselves for their wonderful breakfast - served on tin plates, with tin cups....yes, much fun! While we were there, our 5-year old reminded me that we much take a picture in front of the huge Paul and Babe (his blue ox.) Even though none of the other kids wanted to, we took pictures of HER....because, it's tradition!

At our next stop - a petting zoo with wildlife roaming around - there are two picture-taking opportunities: one that shows what YOUR "wingspan" would be compared to other birds of prey and one that shows your height. ALL of our kids participate every year - because, let's face it, we like to see ourselves grow.

Someday, I look forward to taking these pictures and doing an age-progression photo with them....but not for a LONG time!! :)

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