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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Organizing the Wii

One of our "problem areas" has been the Wii - what to do with the remotes and the nun-chucks and the games?

We keep our Wii in the family room. It used to be on top of the custom-built snake cage - but since the cage got sold with the snakes, we had to come up with a new solution.  My hubby built this corner wall-mounted T.V. shelf for the television and the Wii. But still, what to do with the remotes??

 These small hooks are great for hanging the remotes and nun-chucks - and the kids even remember to put them back!
Not only does this keep us well organized - but getting the television and Wii this high keeps them safe from toddler hands - plus frees up a bunch of space underneath for other things (such as play kitchens and cupboards!).


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  1. That's a great idea! I'm always picking up controllers and Wii paraphernalia! Your husband did a good job on the shelf. :-)

  2. That is awesome! Mine are all in a basket and get tangled-up. I like this idea!

  3. love that idea, mine is cabinet under the tv! that looks so much nicer~

  4. That is so much better than the mangled mess at our house!


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