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Friday, February 25, 2011

"I feel the need - the need for speed!!"

So there you have it - in keeping with my New Years Goals, I have started in-home walking and eventually wish to start running (outside). Last year I lost 20+ pounds and intend on doing the same - or better! - this year.

I have become very attached to my MP3 player while exercising. I dislike listening to the people on my exercise videos - after the first few times I practically have all of their conversations memorized! So, I found for me, it works to turn off the volume on the T.V. and listen to my music instead!

Cases for MP3/i-pods are VERY expensive. I stumbled upon this link for how to make my own. Whether using it for music or a phone (when outside) or whatever else you may want to bring with you - it was easy, simple and cute! (I think I'll make a few more - I have TONS of cute scrap material I could use!!)

Of course, I can NEVER follow the directions on anything, even the first time I make it!!

Check it out- her tutorial is GREAT and makes it super easy to make - I think that it only took me (start to finish) less than 20 minutes to make - I think it took longer to pick which material I wanted to use!

I used this cute button, because I have a 5 qt ice cream pail that is literally half full with buttons! I also just measured my arm and adjusted the elastic to fit (it's all one piece) instead of making it as she pictured.


Update: I also made one of these for my garage door opener - the clip on the back had broken off, so this worked perfectly to make it stay attached to the visor. It looks so cute, I think I might make another one or two to hold my chapstick in the car too! ;)

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