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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rag Quilts

I seem to be in a sewing mood lately -I've seen so many fantastic sewing projects and craft ideas that it's inspiring.

One thing that I have NEVER been able to do though, is quilting - I am by no means patient enough to assemble the beautiful quilts that my mother-in-law made (or any of the Amish in the area!). I LOVE the looks of them, but know that I don't have the time to assemble them.

Enter my friend Lisa. Lisa is a good friend (even if she is a bit OCD!) that has a 6 month old baby. Before baby was born, she would whip up all sorts of fun and fantastic creations. One thing she had mentioned were "rag quilts." Now, Lisa has made regular quilts, dresses, pajamas and even crocheted - so this sounded like a good thing for her to do, but not me (lack of patience and time, remember?).

Until I looked closer, that is. A rag quilt is EASY!! You don't have to be precise, as it's very forgiving even if you don't line everything up perfectly. And guess what?! You can make one in a DAY - with a toddler running around! I did it - check out the Strawberry Shortcake quilt - one day, finished....including breaking for a toddlers' bath, lunch, play and even washing and drying it.

I think that if I had been able to work on it uninterrupted it would have taken about 5 hours start to finish.

I'm not re-inventing the wheel - so I'm not posting a tutorial for this. There are LOTS of them out there though.....HERE is the one that I used.


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  1. Thanks for the link! I've seen these popping around on the web, and was wondering where to get directions. Like you, I'm just not quilter material! :-P

  2. I love that Strawberry shortcake one! SO cute and snugly.

  3. Wow, Jessica, this is absolutely lovely! I'm going to go check out the tutorial now. I came by from Works for Me Wednesday, btw.


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