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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A pillow......for teeth!!

Yes, the tooth fairy visits our house!

When my girls started loosing their teeth I pulled out my tooth pillow. Aren't these just the cutest?

The one on the left is mine from childhood - the one on the right is for my niece.
I'm not sure when (or where) my mom got this for me, but I remember using it everytime I lost a tooth. Check out the little pocket on the left side. Perfect for the child to put the tooth in and for the "tooth fairy" to leave the money. We personally like these at our house because the child doesn't get woken up as the tooth fairy leaves the money and takes the tooth - as a matter of fact, our children leave the pillow on the table, by "their" spot, rather than in their room!

The tooth pillow on the right - I made for my niece - easily made by sewing on the small pocket and then sewing three of the four sides. "Stuff it" and sew the top shut. Give to niece and watch her smile! ;)


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