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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keep Couch Cushions From Slipping

We bought a wonderful set of used couches - actually, it was a couch, love seat, two lamps, two (huge) pictures and two end-tables: all for the low price of $600.  Everything was in pristine condition, as this was from a couple who had no children and this was their "formal" living room.

The only problem? The cushion slip off of the couch. The kids climb up on the couch or loveseat and the cushions end up on the floor. Our solution is simple: drawer lining. Most stores carry the rubber-type drawer liner (as seen in the picture) where you can set a knife on it and it stays....well - it makes your couch cushion stay in place too!!

The best part? This particular shelf liner was free after rebate at our local Menards a few months ago - I was (eventually) going to get around to lining my shelves in the kitchen, so I got the SIX ROLL limit! We used one roll for the loveseat - we tucked the ends in the side of the couch - and used a roll and a half for the full-sized couch - I sewed a straight seam to connect the two together!


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  1. How has this worked for you, I see it bunching up possibly could you tell me?

  2. AnonymousJuly 11, 2014

    We tried it and it did bunch up, but we just sewed a thick binding around the edge like they do on that Cushion Keeper non-slip pad.


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