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Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Bliss...the frugal way!

 Our youngest daughter turned three last weekend. For the three weeks leading up to her birthday party, all she could talk about was her "Happy Birthday" and how her Bama (grandma) was going to give her presents. It was completely adorable.

I did some research on cupcake cakes. Our (almost) 9 year old has a classmate that brings a cupcake cake every year and she thought they were really cool - so I searched the internet and found a cake similar to this one. The result: kid approved! She loved it, as did the older children (who are already planning THEIR cupcake cakes!).

Our daughter's god-mother is a pretty frugal gal herself! Dollar-store bubble pack and "princess" costumes bought after Halloween (at deeply discounted prices!) makes a three-year-old VERY happy!

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  1. Ohhhh way cute! I'd have to buy those sugar letters, though. My frosting legibility is poor at best. :)


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