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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chore/menu charts

Right now "all the rage" is to have chore charts ... for yourself, your family or the kids ... or "goal lists" or "to do" lists. I frequently would type up my own  for myself and/or the family. There is just something satisfying about crossing things off a list - plus, the satisfaction of not FORGETTING something that needed to be accomplished!

But honestly - typing my daily list online could take me up to 1/2 hour or more. Why? Because I would get distracted: go on Facebook, check e-mail, etc. PLUS: I would either have to waste ink to print the list, or the rest of the family would never see it.

Until: school supplies went on clearance! A friend of mine showed me these great wall stickers she had found and put on her kid's doors. They came three to a pack and came with a dry-erase marker -they were clearanced to less than $1.50 per pack!

Well, I snatched up 6 packs - one for each child (for their bedroom walls - to make their own lists) and one for me.

I have found these to be a great "communication center." If I'm gone for the day, I leave notes for the hubby and kids on the "To do" circle (pink). I usually try to write in what is for lunch and supper. It works GREAT! On the green (weekly) one I write down weekly happenings and goals - then there are no surprises and the kids know to check the two circles FIRST!

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  1. OHH I wish I could find some of those!!


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